TrueTeenBabes is owned and managed by the commercial production company Group Five Photosports, LLC. of Littleton, Colorado. USA. Our full contact information is listed here.

Since starting in July of 2001 we have run over two dozen websites featuring beautiful teen models from across the USA. Those website brands include TrueTeenBabes.com, TeenGlamourGirls.com, LibbyTurner.com, VictoriaSantos.com, KelseyMonroe.com, JessicaWinston.com and many more.

The boss, Jimmy Stephans, retired at the end of 2013 and the main TrueTeenBabes subscription website is closed. Two archive sites known as TrueTeenBabes.tv for videos and TrueTeenBabes.net for photo galleries remain open so fans can purchase back issues, learn about our history or complete their collections.

Our newsletter is used to promote the archive websites, offer discounts to our loyal fans, and to promote new websites by our company and our friends.

We send no more than one email each calendar month. Answers to a few common questions are below.

Answers to a few common questions are below.

How did we get your email address?

All teen model fans that subscribed to any of our sites over the years had been automatically added to the email list.

From 2001 to 2005 we had a small Yahoo fan club group that was used for free discussion of our sites. When we stopped maintaining that group we transferred all the email addresses to this newsletter list.

From 2004 to 2006 we also ran a small online teen model forum at NNPortal.com. Almost 6000 persons subscribed to that free site. When it closed we moved all those email addresses to this newsletter list.

From 2006 until 2009 we ran a small free teen model newsletter titled JambaMail that was used to promote our teen model sites and those of a few friends. When it closed we moved all those email addresses to this newsletter list.

2008 to 2013 we managed two online fan forums, JambaTeens and JambaBabes. Any persons that joined there have also been added to this newsletter list.

In 2009 we purchased two online forums with their own email newsletters. We added them to this newsletter list.

Starting in 2013 all persons that made a purchase from the archive sites TrueTeenBabes.tv and TrueTeenBabes.net have been automatically added to this newsletter list (unless already on the Blacklist).

Over the years we have combined all these recources and have grown to a list topping 87,000 teen model fans.

How much does it cost?

Not a darn cent. We maintian the list and newsletter solely to promote our products and a few of our friends.

Will you get lots of unwanted email and SPAM?

No, we try to send just 1 newsletter each month at the most unless we have special news that comes up on short notice, such as a free live photo shoot cam event, new website to share or some other news that is time sensitive and can't wait for the next month.

Will other people be using the list to contact you?

Absolutely not. We want you to buy stuff from us! We do not sale, rent or lease our subscriber information or email lists to any third party. If you are going to spend money subscribing to a teen model website we want it to be one of ours.

Can you unsubscribe at any time?

Yes, each email newsletter has a link at the bottom that you can click for instant removal, or you can use the form on this page to get on our Blacklist and never be mailed again.

Can you get on a "Do Not Mail" list?

Yes, if you wish to have an email address that is permanately deleted and can never be added back we do have a list for that. Please use the simple online form here or send an email message to News@TrueTeenBabes.com and place the word "REMOVE" in the subject line.

Do we have more mailing lists?

No, this is our one and only list.